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Discipline specific 
asynchronous or cohort based online training courses with optional in-person workshops.

Certification provided.

Courses available for various stages of your career.

Customization to meet the needs of your department or individual career goals.


What We Offer

Evidence-based, inclusive training courses; developed

and delivered by involved researchers and practictioners.  

Student in Library

Graduate Student Training

This set of training courses helps prepare graduate students to excel in the classroom and as job candidates.  


Instructor and Professor 

This set of training programs supports instructors and professors new to evidence-based pedagogical techniques, but looking to further develop their teaching. 


Advancing Your Skills

For the seasoned professor who wants to further their understanding and learn to implement more advanced evidence-based teaching practices.

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The Community College Track

Professors and instructors at the Community College level experience unique pressures and responsibilities. Our training programs for Community College professors are designed and modified by leading researchers and practitioners from Community Colleges.

Developed and delivered by involved researchers and practitioners.

All AceleOnline training course content is created, reviewed and vetted by leading researchers and practitioners in their disciplines.  Our content creators attend the most prestigious conferences and are published in, and in some cases editors for, leading journals for education,  teaching and pedagogy in their fields. 

Jackie Campbell 
The Science of Learning
Emily Marshall 
Making Yourself a Desirable Teaching Candidate in Economics
Bill Goffe 
The Science of Learning for Economics
Jadrian Wooten 
Teaching Your First Econ Class: Content Delivery
Florencia Gabrele 
Teaching Your First Econ Class:
Course Design

AceleOnline training is implemented at these institutions of higher learning:

  • Georgia Tech

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